## Hi! I'm Florimond. Born in Belgium and naturalized French, I am a citizen of Europe. I pursue a **Masters of Engineering** with a focus on **Software Engineering** at [CentraleSupélec](http://www.centralesupelec.fr/en), France. I am a passionate **problem solver**. I try to feed my curiosity and learn everyday. I draw motivation from challenging problems, effective team collaboration and enriching relationships. I believe in **user-first approaches**. Systems should be built to accomodate their users, not the other way around. I can be an idealist. I believe **technology can help us solve some of the issues humanity is currently facing**. Everyone has a story to tell. I believe **we can grow as a society by listening to and learning from one another**. ## Values I value strong work ethics. Here are some of the motos that drive my work.
  • This is a journey
  • Stay inspired
  • Guidelines: pick one and stick to it
  • Commit to high quality standards
  • Tests are your safety net
  • Work with people more talented than yourself
  • Be supportive, empathize always
  • Know what you don't know; ask questions
  • Never stop learning

Keep in touch

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